Warm rituals with room for surprises

As the weather cools I start to think of mental health.  Cold, gray days are challenging for me.  But I'm learning more with each passing year to soak in the seasons.  This fall has been one that I've reached out to friends, ready to find ways of being together without adding another obligation to our schedules.   



Looking forward to winter, I'd like to find ways of being that create more energy; to follow the vitality.  To keep commitments that enhance one another rather than compete with one another.

Last night Carrie Jo came over and we ended up working on raisethetree.org.  Actually, she did the work while I argued with Russ over what constitutes a "premium" tree (Google settled it: high density, clean foliage, with limited or no blemishes, among other things) .  I digress, but we stayed up til 2am and though that would be considered an energy withdrawal, it gave us vitality.  Shared laughter and fruitful productivity. 

More of that, please.