falling apart

I am not in the kitchen making lunches

A task made lonely

by my inability to fulfill the role 


life’s spark in a Coca-cola

A Georgian voice

once told me that  

sipping the flicker

won’t work.   

He told me instead


To find an island

in the Ogeechee River. 


Don’t drink that either. 


Bu finally quench 

the thirst by

learning to be it.   


Food for the Hungry project

Empowering women through literacy

Using paper to evoke book pages, skin, and the drape of a shari, the material ranges from opaque to transparent in a nod to spirit. In admiration of Bangladeshi textiles, the canvas emphasizes the interwoven nature of humanity, celebrating the reciprocal nature of giving and the tapestry weaved through authentic relationship.


Shout out to Tony Long for photographing both the work and the headshot.

Working with FH has been such fun and a real honor. I look forward to sharing the collaborative project as it unfolds.


On belonging

You, an orphaned four-year-old boy

Me, alone in a family. 

I didn’t have the means to keep you

But now, I see that you never asked. 


You needed to push your head out 

the window

And let the risk animate  

your fine, baby hair. 


Dressing in worm skins

Compacted soil cracks

dark with the invitation

to be blind and  

then to see. 

To be loosed from my

bones, in the space of

what I will become. 

dance as expansion of identity

If my brain wasn't cramming choreography, I'd have some good thoughts on incorporating movement into my studio practice.  Maybe I'll fill you in post performance.  Until then, mark your calendars for July 14 + 15 at C for Courtside.  I'm honored to be dancing in The Katherine Slowburn Chronicles of 1983.  I totally admire the work of founder Kat Milligan and I hope you'll come out to enjoy the show and support her vision and performance art in Knoxville.  Details and ticket information can be found through Facebook @katherineslowburn 


how should I know

thinking on having a conversation with paint, dance, and projection.  starting here so I can think out loud.

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Got news today that I get to spend a few weeks at Artist Residency Chattanooga in August.  So freaking excited.  

latest painting 

latest painting 

so much effing rage

I recently realized that as a child I disassociated from any parts of myself that I labeled "bad".  This helped me not to become the statistic I could have been but I kept with the strategy for far too long.  

Currently, I feel like a shadowy mess and painting is my healthiest coping mechanism.  I'm okay with this until I think about my work being perceived as merely therapeutic.  

The quest for a laurel of seriousness is soul sucking.  I'm calling bullshit 

eros and shame

I recently visited the Mint Museum and got to see Reveal and Detonate, an exhibition on contemporary Mexican photography.  My favorite works were from the series "Wild" by Juan Jose Herrera.  

Lately, I've been drawn to painting myself nude and the eroticism of the painting below frightens and confuses me.  I'm working with the ways patriarchy and Christianity are tangled up with how I  understand, judge, and interact with my selves.  Herrera's quote is a perfect articulation:

"Exposed skin is a provocation that highlights one's vulnerability before the gazes of others; undressing functions as an act of honesty that proposes a return to innocence, a rejection of conventions imposed by public standards of shame and a manifestation of the desire for true freedom."

in progress, at the studio 

in progress, at the studio 

Votes for art

prints of my work are now available at artfromthehills.com

latest painting, in the studio

latest painting, in the studio

Ancestry, unacknowledged

Dreams of the canyon ledge

startle me awake

remembering the elk

whose heavy life  

collided so forcibly with my own

as to kill.   

And now at a trading post

in Navajo Nation, I cannot sleep


My blood knows the story  

of violent, wildish clanking too well.

A knowing that breaks

on a windshield and slumps into

a foggy remembrance  

The warmth of home, 

now lost to her daughter  



Studio works in progress  

Studio works in progress  

Exist truly and fully

I’ve probably never been more relieved to enter a fresh new year.  In 2017 I encountered parts of myself I hadn’t known existed and self discovery ain’t always pretty but I maintain that it is good.  As I look to 2018 I want to keep the humility of my humanness that last year gifted me and find a way toward boldness rooted in love.  


“...be good at what you’re good at.  Many of us spend time and energy trying to be something we are not.  But this is a move against the soul, because individuality rises out of soul as water rises out of the depths of the earth.  We are who we are because of the special mix that makes up our soul.  Power begins in knowing this special soul, which may be entirely different from our fantasies about who we are or who we want to be.”  -Thomas Moore 

I’ll be leading a workshop this Saturday, January 6, 9am-12pm at The Hive.  Andria Yates of Reach and Thrive will be joining Amelia Peterson and myself to explore this source of power through guided meditations,  exercises from the Alexander Technique, and the creation of blind-contour self portraits.  No experience or skill necessary.  Register at thehiveknox.com 

Hope you can join us for a creative practice to begin our new year.   

We painted our floor navy blue and stayed with friends while it dried

Sitting with my honey over tea and coffee.  We’ll go home and put the furniture back when we’re done. He’s writing and I’m doing this.  Feeling grateful for seasons of transition and growth.  

work in progress  

work in progress  

Making art about finding a comfortable enough place in the dissonance.  I had a dream that showed me how I don’t make space for the ugly in my worldview.  I think a lot about how it can/ought to be and forget my humanness in the process.  I’m claiming my mess and need for grace.  I’ll do this in color, pattern, and texture, with the hope of one day internalizing that playful peace into my everydays.   

Navigating by Resistance

Title taken from a thought by Steven Pressfield.  

I've been thinking for some time on the project I want to devote my energy to next.   


There's a part of me that would love to write every idea in my brain but that would take a lot of time and I'd rather spend it off my phone.  I'll come back when things are a bit more consolidated.  Blessings of creativity and joy until then  

October 14

Announcing the next Embodied Season Workshop:

We will be exploring the Fall as a season of togetherness through a workshop focusing on the cultivation of empathy. Participants will be lead through reflective prompts to craft a watercolor/collage playing with the aesthetics of pattern clash. 


Register at www.thehiveknox.com

Relationship as a medium

I feel like my vocation is to be in dialogue with the spirit of things through materiality.  That's what I think of nearly all of the time and when I stay out of this space for too long I feel frustrated and sad.   

I like that the expression of this vocation can be a myriad of things.  I'm listening and experimenting to land on my next project but for today it looks like helping with Knox Revival Paint Co and loving my people well.  Turns out my next lesson in loving well is learning about all the ways I fall short.  It's a miserable lesson to learn but I think it's good.

Last week we worked on these cedar planks for some cabins up at Blackberry. I loved being in the shop with the team.  Meditative type work punctuated with humor and adrenaline  

Last week we worked on these cedar planks for some cabins up at Blackberry. I loved being in the shop with the team.  Meditative type work punctuated with humor and adrenaline